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went on, as we entered the hos▓pital.“By all means go to Assuan.▓There is employment for every class of mec●hanic on the barrage.I suppose t●wo dollars will about cover your fee●” He dropped four ten-pi


astre pie▓ces into my hand.“But you must stay to sup▓per with us.We have one bed un▓occupied, too; but three men have died in it ●in the past month, and if you are superstiti●ous—” “Not in the l

east,” I prot▓ested. I rose long before da▓ylight next morning, and groped my wa▓y to the station.A ticket to Lux●or took barely half my fee as co●nsulting engineer.At break of day, th▓e railway cro


ssed to the eastern bank, and at ▓the next station the train sto●od motionless while driver, train▓men, and passengers executed their ▓morning prayers in the desert sand.Beyond, th●e chimneys of great

sugar refineries belched▓ forth dense clouds of smoke, and at ▓every halt shivering urchins offe▓red for sale the crude product of the factorie▓s, cone-shaped lumps, dark-brown in color. ▓ The voice of t

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he south spoke more distin▓ctly with every mile.We were appr▓oaching, now, the district where ra●in and dew are utterly unknown.The d●esert grew more arid, the whirling sand● finer, more penetrating.

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